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We understand that no two business journeys will look alike, so we work hand-in-hand with entrepreneurs to discover their own definition of success and achieve it.

Pursue your purpose.

The WV WBC serves 24 of West Virginia’s southern counties and exists to support anyone with a dream or idea—regardless of their background, age, or previous experience—with the right tools to get it off the ground or take it to the next level.

Your business is West Virginia’s future.

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy in West Virginia, and many of them play a crucial role in meeting the most pressing needs of their communities.

With its long tradition of problem-solving and resourcefulness, the Mountain State is an ideal place to take creative business risks. There’s no shortage of opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to tap into the potential around tourism and the state’s natural beauty, and more opportunities in technology exist now in West Virginia than ever before, with the possibility of accessing global markets.

Anyone can be an entrepreneur.

When women and people of color gain access to the tools necessary to create thriving businesses or scale up, local economies are strengthened, needs of communities are met, and we’re all better off.

Our Staff

Nora Myers

Executive Director

Sonja Jewell Kelley

Program Manager – Accounting & Grant Compliance

Dawn Hylbert

Program Manager – Advisor

West Virginia Women’s Business Center Advisory Board

Danielle Douglas

Branch Manager, Huntington National Bank

Tara Elder

Director, Resort Development Ashland Consulting Group

Terrell Ellis

President and CEO, Advantage Valley

Tiffany Ellis-Williams

Director of Workforce and Economic Development, WV Council for CTC Education

Michelle Foster

Executive Director, Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation

Ursulette Huntley

Executive Director, Unlimited Future, Inc.

Marlo Long

Vice President Community Development, Truist

Emilie Love

Vice President, United Bank

Debra Martin

Foreign Commercial Service Officer, U.S. Department of Commerce

Judy Moore

Director, WV Hive & Country Roads Angel Network

Marti Neustadt

Business Owner & Advisor, Woodlands Community Lenders

Michele O’Connor

Investment Manager, West Virginia Jobs Investment Trust

Denise Phelps

Market President, First United Bank & Trust

Stacy Thomas

Business Owner & Program Manager, WV Community Development Hub

Carrie White

Associate Vice President, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, West Virginia University

Our Partners


Funded in part through a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration.


WV Women’s Business Center is hosted by Partner Community Capital, a small business loan fund that supports underserved communities in central Appalachia and the Southeast.


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