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Frequently Asked Questions

Women and people of color often have less access to the resources and connections they need to launch a business or level up, along with fewer entrepreneurial role models to look to for inspiration and guidance—which only hurts our communities and holds them back. The WV WBC is focused on providing services to women and other groups that traditionally face extra barriers to starting and growing businesses of their own.

The WV WBC is for anyone with a dream or an idea. Whether you’re curious about starting a business or looking to take an existing business to the next level, this is a space where you can learn, grow, take the next step, and achieve.

We don’t believe that you need a business degree to be an entrepreneur. Many of us have an established idea of what an entrepreneur looks like, but people of all backgrounds—of all ages and levels of experience—can create innovative and impactful businesses. The WV WBC won’t turn anyone looking for resources away.

The WV WBC’s team knows that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to business success. We work hand-in-hand with entrepreneurs to discover their own definition of success and achieve it.

Our services include:
• One-on-one counseling with experienced business advisors
• Online and in-person training on topics that matter to you – from accounting to marketing to managing through COVID-19
• Networking opportunities, so you can learn from – and support – other entrepreneurs
• Assistance obtaining funding and financing

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy in West Virginia, and many of them play a crucial role in meeting the most pressing needs of their communities. As more women and people of color gain access to tools to create thriving businesses, we will all be better off.

West Virginia also has a long tradition of creative problem-solving, resourcefulness, and finding innovative solutions to tough problems. By helping people from rural communities further develop these skills and empowering them to become small business owners, we can strengthen and reinforce local economies against decline.

The Advisory Board is composed of leaders in our region who have real-world business experience and are committed to developing the next generation of entrepreneurs in West Virginia. They’re passionate about supporting women and people of color in achieving their own business success.

There is no shortage of opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to tap into the potential around tourism and the natural beauty of the Mountain State. More opportunities in technology also exist now in West Virginia than ever before, with the possibility of accessing global markets.

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