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A brilliant idea for a book is not a book

Do you have a friend who comes up with great concepts, a person who says, “somebody ought to market that idea?” Or would your friends say you are that person?

Ideas are cheap. You could have the idea for a great novel in your head, but it will never be a book unless you write it down.
You may be able to see where this is leading. A good business idea is just an idea. But—luckily for you—there’s a method for turning a business idea into something real.

Yes, it’s a business plan. A business plan will force you to think critically about your idea. Is it doable? Is it unique? Who would want it?
After you’ve refined your product or service idea, after you’ve considered the market and your competition, and after you’ve crunched some numbers, you will have a much deeper understanding of your original idea.

A completed business plan gives you confidence to proceed with your dream!

Business plans will help you work through these issues:
• Your product or service idea – who will find it of value
• The market—who else sells something similar; how are your prospective customers getting their needs met right now?
• The costs and materials for producing your product/service
• How you will price your product/service
• How you will market your product/service
• The amount of start-up costs you will have

What’s more, getting your business plan written down will give you a roadmap for where to begin, what steps are required, and even get you ready to seek financing.

Here at the Women’s Business Center, we can help with your business plan. The research and the writing of the plan must be done by you, but we offer advising to discuss the fine points of your idea, and when you’re ready for other eyes, a review of your plan. We also have regular training on topics that might outside your area of expertise, such as marketing or accounting.
And we can provide you with quality tools and templates for creating your plan. What are you waiting for? Sign up for our free advising services here!

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